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August 2023 Scentsy Warmer & Scent of the Month

Updated: May 18

The mountains are calling! This beautiful warmer transports you to a serene mountain getaway, where moonlight shines bright on a cloudless night perfect for stargazing.

[G] 6.5" tall, 20W

10% discount — available in August*

Mountain Sky: $55

On sale in August: $49.50


New! Mountain Sky - $55 (original) On sale for $49.50


Pink Leather:

Wild strawberry topped with rich toasted vanilla adds a lovely sparkle to smooth pink leather.

Other Products on sale

Pink Leather Scentsy Bar $6 on sale for $5.40 in August

Pink Leather Room Spray $8 on sale for $7.20 in August Pink Leather Scent Circle $3 on sale for $2.70 in August


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