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Big hugs and extra savings coming with Buddy Bonanza | UNAVAILABLE

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Who’s ready for big hugs, adorable adventures and extra savings? On May 1, three select Scentsy Buddies will be available at a deep discount for Buddy Bonanza. And each week, we’ll add three more Buddies to the sale! Licensed and non-licensed Buddies are included, but it’s a mystery who will appear every week. You and your customers will want to keep checking back to see which Buddies have been added to the bonanza!

Each Buddy comes with one Scent Pak. Non-licensed Buddies include a choice of Scent Pak. Licensed Buddies come with their preselected Scent Pak fragrance, or a choice of Scent Pak if the preselected fragrance is unavailable.

The product offering from each week will remain in the sale as additional Buddies are added, while supplies last. Buddies included in Buddy Bonanza are not eligible for Host Rewards or Perpetual Party Rewards.


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