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Bring Back My Bar winners |Winners June 2022| UNAVAILABLE

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Shop these bars for a limited time


Bring Back My Bar is back in an exciting new way! The top 25 fragrances Scentsy fans selected in the most recent round of Bring Back My Bar voting will be available starting at midnight PT Wednesday, June 1. And for the first time ever, customers will have the opportunity to build their own bundles of 12 fragrances at a discounted price!

The bundle option is a great opportunity to save on these classic fragrances. Let your customers know this is the perfect chance to stock up on their retired favorites or sample all the winners!

12 bars for $50

After an incredible 580,272 votes this January, the dust has settled and it’s time to announce our Bring Back My Bar winners! These Scentsy Bars landed on top:

These classic Scentsy Bars will be available for individual purchase starting June 1, 2022,


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