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Celebrate Enliven the Senses Week at Scentsy with our new Warm Welcome Kit

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

This kit is perfect for introducing new customers to Scentsy

Believe it or not, there are people out there who have never heard of Scentsy. Looking for an exciting new way to reach them? For one week only, in honor of Enliven the Senses Week at Scentsy — and International Fragrance Day on March 21 — we’ve curated the Warm Welcome Kit with some of our most popular products and a variety of fragrances from our seven fragrance families.

We want you to really challenge yourselves, get out of your comfort zone (especially if you’re a bit shy!) and share this kit with new customers so they can get a whiff of what we’re all about!

The Warm Welcome Kit is available for just $60 and includes:

  • Desert Bloom Warmer​

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar

  • Welcome Home Scentsy Bar

  • White Amber & Teak Scentsy Bar

  • Squeeze the Day Scentsy Bar

  • Luna Scentsy Bar

  • Aloe Water & Cucumber Scentsy Bar

  • Clothesline ​Scentsy Bar

  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar ​

  • Go, Go, Mango Fragrance Flower​

  • Cotton Cleanup​ (1 count)​

  • Spring/Summer 2023 Catalog



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