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Cinco de Mayo Collection '24 | Unavailable

Updated: Jun 1

To help celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we’re offering a vibrant and giftable collection featuring a festive new Scentsy Buddy Clip, plus a mini warmer bundle celebrating the green, white and red of the flag of Mexico! Take a look at what’s available in this collection:


Cinco de Mayo Bundle, $40

Light From Within Mini Warmer

  • Coco Lime Scentsy Bar - Coconut milk and creamy vanilla get energized with a citrusy splash of fresh lime.

  • Pineapple Mango Scentsy Bar - A bright blend of sweet pineapple and juicy mango softened by passionflower.

  • 15W Red Light Bulb – 3 pack

  • 15W Green Light Bulb – 3 pack


Paulita the Llama Piñata Scentsy Buddy Clip + Berry Bright fragrance, $18

Berry Bright - Berry Bright: Blue raspberry and fresh clementine light the way to sweet sugar plum.


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