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Dive into the vibrant 2022 Summer Collection

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

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Get ready to kick back with bright fragrance, tropical décor and so much more! The 2022 Summer Collection is on its way, featuring new designs and fragrances from a wide selection of product categories. Everything in this sunny collection will be available starting May 1




Summer Wax Collection:


Crisp cucumber wades into refreshing cactus water and sea salt.


Bright tangerine and pink lemon with a sweet splash of fruit punch.


Tropical coconut and kukui nut lounge on a bed of soft jasmine.


Sweet peach and mango add a tangy twist to smooth coconut milk.


Three Natural Oils with sunny fragrances in a giftable tin.

  • Calamansi & Coconut: Bright calamansi and zesty orange peel cool off with a splash of coconut water.

  • Jasmine & Cocobolo: Calming jasmine and cocobolo wood wrapped in soft banana leaf.

  • Beach Berry Smoothie: A sweet blend of juicy beach berry and vanilla cream, garnished with lime leaves.


Scentsy Pod Twin Pack - $10.00 (Sold Separately)

Peachy & Palm Trees Scentsy Pod Twin Pack

Feelin' Punchy Scentsy Pod Twin Pack

Cucumber & Cactus Water Scentsy Pod Twin Pack

Kukui & Coconut Scentsy Pod Twin Pack


Summer Fragrance Flowers:

  • Cucumber & Cactus Water - Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower

  • Feelin' Punchy - Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower

  • Peachy & Palm Trees - Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower


Cucumber & Cactus Water Laundry Bundle - $40.00

Includes one Laundry Liquid (20 fl. oz.) and two Washer Whiffs (16 oz. each). Cucumber & Cactus Water Laundry Liquid and Washer Whiffs are not sold separately.


Summer Collection Cleaners:

  • Feelin' Punchy Counter Clean - $10

  • Feelin' Punchy Bathroom Cleaner - $8.00


Cucumber & Cactus Water Scentsy Fresh - $12


Summer Body Collection:

Kukui & Coconut Scentsy Soak - $12.00

Peachy & Palm Trees Scentsy Soak - $12.00

Kukui & Coconut Hand Soap - $9.00

Peachy & Palm Trees Hand Soap - $9.00

Kukui & Coconut Hand Cream - $9.00

Peachy & Palm Trees Hand Cream - $9.00


Tango the Toucan Scentsy Buddy - $40.00

With his vibrant beak and distinctive blue legs, Tango the Toucan is the perfect wingman for a tropical escape! Includes the Scent Pak of your choice.

12" tall.


Cockatoo Bitty Buddy - $12.00 & Flamingo Bitty Buddy - $12.00


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