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Easter Collection 2023 | UNAVAILABLE

Updated: May 1, 2023


This collection includes giftable goodies to fill Easter baskets and cheery, springtime products to brighten the home.


New! Cotton Meadow Mini Warmer, $25


Gnome for Easter Warmer, $55


New! Rosalina the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy, $40


New! Easter 3-Bar Bundle, includes one of each fragrance, $17

  • New! Mandarin Zest: Sweet mandarin and watery pear bring out sunshine and blue skies with a hint of vanilla.

  • New! Pinkberry Fluff: Pinkberry, marshmallow and vanilla bean swirl in an airy, irresistible combination.

  • New! Violet Spun Sugar: Tart cloudberries meet violet water and spun sugar for a celebration of whimsy.


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