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Help the Beast find his happily ever after | Beast Scentsy Buddy

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Our newest Disney Scentsy Buddy needs your help finding his happily ever after.

The Beast – Scentsy Buddy is all dressed up and looking for someone to love him in return. Fans will surely fall for all of his exquisite details, from the horns on his head to the claws on his feet.

Each Beast – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in The Last Petal, the fragrance designed exclusively for our Disney Beauty and the Beast products:

The Last Petal: Fresh pink grapefruit and sparkling bergamot kick off the radiant first chapter, while scattered flower petals write an unforgettably romantic ending.

These products are only available while supplies last, so be sure to get your orders in before the last petal falls.

  • Beast – Scentsy Buddy + The Last Petal – Scent Pak, $45

  • The Last Petal – Scent Pak, $7.50

  • The Last Petal – Scentsy Bar, $6.50

Don’t Forget! You can add this scentsy fragrance bar to your Scentsy Club account to keep on getting it even after it has sold out or has been discontinued. Remember to add it before it disappears altogether.



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