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It’s time for Bring Back My Washer Whiffs winners! | Unavailable

Updated: May 16

Bring Back My Washer Whiffs winners | Unavailable

You voted in March, and now it’s time to enjoy the results of this first round of Bring Back My Washer Whiffs! Coconut Cotton, Ocean and Shimmer Washer Whiffsare finally here as this year’s winners. Each fragrance will be available in a twin pack with two 16 oz. Washer Whiffs in the same fragrance. They are available for purchase now for $24 for each twin pack, while supplies last.


Coconut Cotton Washer Whiffs Twin Pack - $24.00 (Fresh Scent)

Sun-warmed cotton, creamy coconut milk, bright citrus and white sandalwood transport you to a cabana on a tropical beach.


Ocean Washer Whiffs Twin Pack - $24.00 (Fresh Scent)

Cool and refreshing aquatic notes deepened with water lilies and ocean breezes.


Shimmer Washer Whiffs Twin Pack - $24.00 (Fruity Scent)

Sweet cherries, velvety apricots and sensual white musk crowned with a tiara of shimmering spun sugar.


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