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Marvel’s Spider-Man is back to save the day!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Our Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer is coming out of the vault Dec. 6, while supplies last

Catch all the action with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! We’re bringing our Marvel Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer out of the vault, while supplies last.

Straight from the pages of a comic book, Spider-Man swings into action to save a runaway train in a 3D design that wraps around the Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer. Cutouts allow light to shine through and bring the dynamic action to life. And a striking Spider-Man logo is featured on the back.

And don’t forget our Marvel: Nine Realms fragrance is already available in the catalog as a Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Pods along with the Spider-Man – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser.

But with so many Spider-Man products available, fans shouldn’t have to choose! There’s also a great bundle option for those who want it all.

  • Marvel Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer, $55

  • Marvel Spider-Man All-In Bundle (Includes one of each of the following: Spider-Man – Scentsy Warmer, Spider-Man – Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser, Marvel: Nine Realms: Scentsy Pod Twin Pak, and Marvel: Nine Realms – Scentsy Bar), $90 — that’s $18.50 in savings!



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