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Two new ways to wear Scentsy Fragrance!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Scented Bracelet – Infinity and Wrap & Wear available soon


Fuse fashion with fragrance with two new wearable Scentsy products! Ideal for grab-and-go style, the Scented Bracelet – Infinity is adorned with an artful porcelain infinity symbol infused with fragrance oil. Meanwhile, Wrap & Wear embraces DIY fabulousness, letting you fashion your own bracelets with fragranced cord. Both products offer superb personal fragrance in some of our most beloved scents:

  • Scented Bracelet – Infinity - $12

Fashionable fragrance on the go. A scented porcelain infinity charm makes for a simple statement piece that goes beyond everyday jewelry. Scent lasts for 30+ days. Available in both Aloe Water & Cucumber and Pineapple Coconut Vanilla fragrances.

  • Wrap & Wear - $25

Create simple, stylish accessories infused with Scentsy fragrance. Includes 90" of scented cord and two clasps (one silver and one gold). Makes 8-10 bracelets. Available in both Cozy Cardigan and Luna fragrances.



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