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Scent-Spirations: Go, Go, Mango Collection 2023 | UNAVAILABLE

Updated: May 1, 2023

Three new twists on the beloved Go, Go, Mango fragrance are on the way! You will be able to shop these new takes on a classic scent — as well as the original — starting Feb. 13.


Scent-Spirations: Go, Go, Mango Bundle, $20

Includes one Scentsy Bar for each of the four fragrances in the Scent-Spirations: Go, Go, Mango Collection, plus a decorative bag.


Scent-Spirations: Go, Go, Mango Scentsy Bars, $6

Go, Go, Mango - $6

Juicy mango and melon garnished with hibiscus and sweet bananaflower.


New! Mango Margarita - $6

A burst of tropical fruits blended with juicy mango and a dash of sparkling citrus.


New! Mango Shortcake - $6

Warm baked cupcake topped with whipped vanilla and juicy mango.


New! Mango Wildflower - $6

A grove of wild hibiscus and tropical freesia sweetened with juicy mango.


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