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Save 20% on licensed catalog items, plus special deals on bundles!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Take advantage of the sale Nov. 28, or while supplies last

The holiday season is officially here, and we’re celebrating with a Cyber Monday sale! We’re offering 20% off all licensed catalog items, plus special bundles! Take a peek at the bundles coming your way:

Sampler Bundles, $15

Experience fragrance in every room of the house with these Sampler Bundles! Each bundle includes one Fragrance Flower, one Scentsy Pod Twin Pack, one 3D Scent Circle and one Scentsy Bar. Choose from three seasonal fragrances:

  • Maple Rum Cake: A little slice of heaven brimming with buttered rum, cinnamon sugar, vanilla frosting and a luscious maple drizzle.

  • Cozy Vanilla & Pumpkin: Fresh harvest pumpkin and warm, cozy vanillafinished with a sprinkle of sparkling cinnamon.

  • Wild for Fall: Take in towering Douglas fir, while satsuma mandarin and golden sunflower add a new twist to your autumn adventure.

Body Bundle, $10

Relax with Scentsy Soak and Hand Cream in Cashmere & Corduroy, wrapping yourself up in the coziness of creamy vanilla, Sicilian bergamot and cashmere sandalwood.

Harvest Hand Soap 6-pack, $40

Build your own 6-pack bundle using any Harvest Hand Soap fragrance!

Bar and Oil Bundle, $15

Get the best of both worlds with the Harvest Scentsy Oil 3-pack — including Vanilla Raspberry Potion, Apple Cinnamon Scone and Caramel Cinnamon Cupcake — and Harvest Scentsy Bar 3-pack — including Maple Rum Cake, Cozy Vanilla & Pumpkin, and Wild for Fall.

Bake the Day Away 10-bar Bundle, $30

  • Breakfast in Bed

  • Red, White & Berry Pie

  • Almond Croissant

  • Vanilla Waves

  • Pink Sugarberry Mint

  • Pretty & Plum

  • Caramel Sugar Cookie

  • Spun Sugar & Vanilla

  • Butter Pecan

  • Toasted Marshmallow

Fun to be Floral 10-bar Bundle, $30

  • Hey, Tiger Lily

  • Sun-Soaked Petals

  • Paradise Petals

  • Spring Forward

  • Poppy Fields

  • Peach & White Amber

  • Showered in Flowers

  • Bloomin’ Beach

  • Honeysuckle Peony

  • Sweet Amber & Freesia

Holiday Happiness 10-bar Bundle, $30

  • Best in Snow

  • Pretty in Plaid

  • Spiced Apple Chestnut

  • Huckleberry Wreath

  • Mighty Pine

  • Snowplace Like Home

  • Fireside Chats

  • Cinnamon Roasted Pear

  • Christmas Cactus

  • Apple Cherry Cider

Oh-So-Fresh 10-bar Bundle, $30

  • Sunburst Bamboo

  • Coral Waters

  • Stargazing

  • Inhale, Exhale

  • Iridescent Pearl

  • A Wink & A Smile

  • Pristine Waters

  • Sunrise With Friends

  • Rainfall & Lush Greens

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

Please note, the 10-bar bundles include bars that were originally offered as catalog products and limited-time offers, so bar label styles may vary. These bars will not be eligible to add to Scentsy Club.



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