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Seasonal Scentsy Bricks |2021

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Fill the holiday season with warmth and joy in a big way. Five Seasonal Scentsy Bricks are coming to town — and you’ll have a chance to get a sneak peak at these new fragrances a full month early! We’re offering a Consultant-exclusive bundle that includes one of each fragrance in the collection so you can create and share samples with your customers. This is the perfect way to build excitement for when the Seasonal Scentsy Brick Collection launches on Oct. 25!


Five Seasonal scents in Scentsy Bricks that's 5.5 regular bars into one big bar of your favorite seasonal scent this year! Shop these bricks for 2 for $40 or each for $24

Fluffy Fleece Scentsy Brick:

Black currant and cozy musk bundle up beneath a blanket of heliotrope.

Pink Poinsettia Scentsy Brick:

Crisp plum and blackberry celebrate the season with a burst of pomegranate.

Spiced Eggnog Scentsy Brick:

Ground clove simmers in a festive blend of buttered rum and creamy eggnog.

Sweet Orange Pomander Scentsy Brick:

Sparkling clove and cinnamon stick adorn sweet orange in a dazzling display.

Vanilla Cinnamon Maple Scentsy Brick:

Cinnamon stick warms buttery maple atop a mountain of whipped sweet cream.




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