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September 2022 Scentsy Warmer & Scent of the Month

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Scentsy September 2022 Warmer of the Month – Countdown to Halloween / Gimme Candy

Build excitement for the spookiest night of the year with this charming monster. Includes a small bat-shaped magnet to mark the date.

[H] 8" tall, element

[H] = Hand painted

10% discount — available in September*

Countdown to Halloween Warmer $70

On Sale in September $63



Gimme Candy

A sweet confection of caramelized sugar, golden honey and sweet buttercream makes for the ultimate sugar rush.

Fragrance Family: Bakery


Gimme Candy - Scentsy Bar $6

On Sale in September - $5.40

Gimme Candy - Room Spray $8

On Sale in September - $7.20

Gimme Candy - Scent Circle $3

On Sale in September - $2.70


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