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SS23: Scentsy will recommend replacement products in Scentsy Club

New Scentsy Club feature will help customers keep their subscriptions running

Catalog transition is an exciting time for so many reasons, especially because there’s a whole season full of new and unique products and fragrances. Of course, we must discontinue a few products to make room for the new!

To improve the experience for Scentsy Club subscribers who have discontinuing products in their subscriptions, we’ve created a new feature that will suggest and display replacement products they might enjoy. The customer can then quickly add these products to their regular deliveries — helping to maintain their shipment total minimum to continue to earn Club perks such as 10% off and half-price products.

Within the subscription management page under the profile menu on the site, your customers will see which items are discontinuing and a link to explore recommended replacements. Recommendations will typically include similar or popular fragrances within the same product line.

We hope your customers enjoy this new feature and that it helps them discover new products and fragrances to love.



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