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The Father’s Day Collection | Shop Now

Scentsy’s Father’s Day Collection celebrates fatherhood in all forms with refined and adventurous gifts dads and father figures will love. The full collection will be available May 6, featuring themed warmer and wax bundles inspired by different aspects of being a dad!


Father’s Day Collection Scentsy Bar Bundle, $17

Black Tie Affair Scentsy Bar:

Vanilla tobacco suits up with notes of vetiver a spritz of white grapefruit.

Day on the Field Scentsy Bar:

Bergamot energizes fresh notes of amber and sandalwood.

Open Air Exploring Scentsy Bar:

Jasmine blossoms float above aquatic greens with a splash of refreshing salt water.


Father’s Day Collection Scent Circle Bundle, $8 All three Father’s Day Collection Scent Circles in one bundle!


Classic Curve – Satin Black Warmer + Black Tie Affair Scentsy Bar Bundle, $35


Polar Panorama Warmer + Open Air Exploring Scentsy Bar Bundle, $70


Mod – Taupe Warmer + Day on the Field Scentsy Bar Bundle, $25


Jeb the Jackalope Scentsy Buddy + Open Air Exploring Scent Pak, $35

*Father’s Day Collection Scentsy Bars and Scent Circles are not available for individual purchase. Individual Scentsy Bars can be added to Scentsy Club subscriptions to take advantage of the Always Get My Bar perk



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